On April 16, 2021 at 11.00 in the №308 Abay hall of the Scientific Library of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University the III International online forum of journalism "Philosophy of al-Farabi and media ethics: the dilemma of the present" will be held.

Scientists will attend the event from the USA, Australia, Europe, Turkey and Central Asia, lecturers-professors from universities in the country and abroad, doctoral students, undergraduates and media representatives.
The academic discussion will take place in the following areas:

Media ethics in the heritage of Al-Farabi:

- Human Science and Knowledge Society
- Ethics of humanity during the information pandemic
- Ethics of the future or the scale of media taste

A new vision of the science of media ethics:

- Moral development of a media specialist
- Professional standards of a journalist
- Social media platform and the crisis of ethical rules

Ethical dilemma - a new paradigm of humanitarian technologies:

- Ethical dilemma in a digital society
- Philosophy of the digital person
- Social media philosophy in the information society
Forum materials will be published in a specific collection.
The main requirement for publication is the preparation of a report for the forum. The organizing board will prepare a program and a collection of reports for publication before the start of the forum. The content of the reports should correspond to the topic of the forum.
Submissions are accepted until April 10, 2021.
Publication requirements:

1. The text of the report (article) should be prepared in no more than 5 pages and in MS Word. Tables, diagrams, figures should be named and drawn up in the form of a Windows program.
2. Margin parameters: all margins 2 cm
3. Font: Times New Roman, Kz Times New Roman, size-14.
4. Line spacing - 1. Paragraph: 1.25 cm.
5. Using citations, it is necessary to indicate the source. List the literature at the end of the text according to the rules of the sample. In the text, references to literature should be enclosed in "square" brackets in accordance with the numbering in the order of mention. For example: [1, 17].
An electronic version of the article (report) should be sent to:
The editorial board reserves the right to select reports.
To participate in the forum, you must submit an application before April 10, 2021 in the following form:

1.Full name _________________________________________________
2. Academic degree, academic title ________________________________
3. Institution, position ______________________________________
4.Address _____________________________________________________
5.Phone (with international code,
mobile phone)__________________________________________
6.E-mail _____________________________________________________
7. Topic of the article ________________________________________________
Preparation of a report for the conference
Participate as a listener
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